Thursday, April 17, 2014

How to make your Mom Sob...

Recently I installed a head full of braid locs on our 3 and a half year old. I did this to make things a bit easier when the baby comes and also because I really like how they look and the versatility (and simplicity) that it provides.

For those of you with straighter hair (aka "white" people) braid locs are itty bitty dread locs.
The boxes for each and every loc are about the size of my pinky finger nail and the braids are miniscule. Tiny.

It took me probably a combined time of about 11 hours of work. Thea was a champ and sat, and sat, and sat while we did them.

We had them in for about 4 weeks.
They looked so pretty, were so easy to manage and I liked all the little styles we could do with them! 
I was hooked.



This week we started doing some heavy duty reorganization of our home. I inadvertantly left a pair of scissors in the room Thea was sleeping in... and I came in and found this... 

1/4 of her locs are cut in at least half, some only an inch and about 8 down to the roots. Boo hoo!

I know. 
As my husband says, "It doesn't look that bad." It could be worse. At least she didn't cut herself. At least I didn't spend a fortune having someone else install them... 

But then again, as a mama who was really loving the locs and how my baby looked in them, it is a tragedy of its own kind! 

And basically it would be like a straight haired child taking one of 2 piggy tails and cutting it clean off!

All I could do was just sit and cry (sob) while I parted and examined her hair through tears. 
I went to tell my husband and he thought someone had died... nope, just cut off 1/4 of her locs...
It was also Palm Sunday. I am also 4+ months pregnant... Sigh.

Awhile later Thea said, "No cut hair... it's sad." 
Yep. Baby girl, it is. 

I've given us 2 weeks to get over it and decide what to do. No emotional rash decisions here.

I think my options are:

1. Leave them as is... and just see what happens. 
This might be hard because of the ones that were completely cut down to the root (right in front on the hair line) and also because 3 of them had half of the base snipped, and are dangling there... once the hair starts to regrow in the box/section I don't know how I'll reincorporate them into the loc again. I am also not sure what will happen with the ends because the ones she cut are frying into balls on the end and look strange... since they weren't really "loc-ed" yet.

2. Trying to "fix" or camouflage the cut until it grows out.
Some one suggested sewing on the locs with black thread... this isn't possible either because they haven't fully loc-ed yet (but it would be genius if they had been!!!)...  when the locs are pulled on they just unbraid (and yes I saved them). Another suggested just wrapping each loc in yarn, like a yarn braid or twist to even out all the varying lengths on hear head. This seems most feasible and would correct the lop-sidded look she is sporting. 

3. I could shave it all. 
Part of me wants to just start over, and I think she is young enough that the loss of her hair wouldn't be an issue for her (it might for me) and it would still look age appropriate to some degree.

4. I could cut them all to a more even length.
Giving her a little all over trim might make it look better... about half her current length. I could try to keep the locs or just take them out (since they really haven't loc-ed yet) and try again later. 

5. I could cry some more...

That is how you make your mom sob uncontrollably for 45 minutes...
Cut your locs off!

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Stork and A 6th Baby

We're so excited for this baby to join our family. Having baby #6 is certainly different from having #1, 2 or even 3... but I will say that when I was expecting #3 people started saying things like "Didn't you think you had enough with 2?" or "Don't you know what causes that?" and various other comments.

With our 4th and 5th (or really 2nd and 5th) additions people seemed to realize that having a larger family wasn't about our reproduction abilities but about our desire or perspective about children and family. They seemed to "give up" on us. Yay!

We have gotten a whole lot of congratulatory "Oh, wow. Congrats! .... Was that planned?" from a vast majority of people this time around, which always leaves me a bit tongue tied... because it isn't a very easy question to answer any way you look at it, now is it?

Addie, who is 9 years old (almost) and hears everything, recently said, "So mom... when people say 'Did you plan that'... that is really kind of rude, isn't it?" 

I said, "I think some would consider it rude or more likely, not a very helpful comment... what do you think?" 

Addie thought and said, "Well, of course you didn't PLAN it, God did... so yeah, it is rude!" 

I love how she thinks. 

While we might have "shoo'ed" ... God had a plan and that little one was dropped in our laps and lives right on schedule and just as He planned! We are thankful to be allowed this sweet and wonderful miracle yet again!

Seriously, this made me snort laugh... so funny!
That Stork!

Naming the Baby and Gender Perdictions

We are set to welcome baby #6 into our family in early fall. Everyone is in quite the state of excitement!

Namely, as to weather it a boy or a girl and what should it be named!!!

So far Thea is the only one wanting only a girl, the older girls are open to boy or girl and the boys have a preference for a brother. Mom and dad like the idea of both (not at the same time, however).

Everyone has unique ideas... Some of their thoughts about naming this new baby are quite interesting... and some have been quite thoughtful about it! Either way, this baby is bound to be loved by the crew of brothers and sisters it will have!

Girl Names

Thea - Ballerina or Baby the Girl (Thea has a lamb named "Baby the Lamb")

Cora - Suzy

Elias - Jeanie

Allan - Sarah

Addie - Carol or Laurel

Boy Names

Thea - Baby the Brother or something akin to Brotherina

Cora - Moses

Elias - Tennessee

Allan - Matthew, Matt or Mathy (Mathy was his best buddy in Uganda).

Addie - Solomon or Matt

Mom and Dad's top choices will have to wait until this baby makes its appearance...

Friday, March 28, 2014

School Today ... More About Moms Day

Today was spent working on finishing up SOTW #1... Just two more months and our camp family life dictates school's got to end. I don't know what it will look like in 60 days but I am shooting for full completion of our history, at the least!

Then I spent the later part of the day sifting through books... So therapeutic... In preparation for things to come. I am ready for the Middle Ages. It is calling me!

Our verse this week "The name of The Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run into it and are safe." Proverbs 18:10

This is what I need today... Perspective and a long view of what is before me!

Castles and moats! Missionaries and books! Quills and quandaries! Conquests and explorations!

There is more ahead. 

A nice reminder.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Story of the World #1: Roman Armor and Ancient Coins

My dad is a bit of an ancient history buff... Mostly coins, pot shards and roman armor. He did a demonstration and hands on lesson for us today about all three.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Ezra's 1st Day of School

This morning I got a sweet little surprise on my news feed... 

Ezra went to school today!
What a big boy and he looks so "smart" in his big school uniform. 
So precious!

Although he looks a bit unsure I am so excited for him and the opportunity he will have to grow and learn in his pre-school. I hope tomorrow he has a smile and feels excited to go! 

I wonder how excited his aunt was today. 
Was she so thrilled as she buttoned up his over-sized shirt and put on his little shorts? Did she remark that he needed to keep them clean and take them off the minute he got home? Did she tell him it would be fun and not to be afraid? Did her eyes get a little teary when he had to go? 

I've thanked God today that he has a teacher and classmates to spend time with, to grow with and to look up to!

Sponsorship is a really amazing way to ensure that children stay out of orphanages and institutional settings! Sponsorship also ensures that a child's family of origin is able to raise them and give them what they need to grow, be healthy and to learn and have a future. 

We are daily thankful that we were able to learn about Ezra, his aunt and the life they live in Uganda. We are also honored to be able to share his story, one that didn't include adoption but has still allowed him to be raised in a loving home with great opportunities.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Hero

Tim is really my hero. 
Best friend... to the point I am a fairly crummy friend to most others 
because he is just about all I want or need in a friend!

So stinking proud of him. 
He's spent the last 5 or so years working on a master's degree... he ended up getting one in Leadership. 
It was hard... for both of us. 

Also, several people wanted to see the concrete counters Tim made and put in our kitchen. We have one half of it done, the other half will be a bit more labor intensive. Don't ask me how he did it... all I know is it was messy but turned out amazing!